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We know all about the importance of having solid foundations, especially when it comes to buildings. Although costly, underpinning work is an absolute must. We can also construct a useable basement or cellar during the underpinning work. This dual approach often increases the value of your property while decreasing the relative costs of underpinning work.

Knowledge of underpinning work

WJ Projects B.V. undertakes a huge number of projects in Amsterdam and its surroundings. We utilize our excellent understanding of the specific requirements of old buildings in Amsterdam and other locations in the Randstad to provide a solid foundation for your underpinning project. As part of the underpinning work, we join forces with consulting engineers, architects, and builders from the region.

Your one-stop shop for underpinning work

Underpinning work stabilizes your property. But before we reach the implementation stage, we have to organize a huge array of aspects such as the floor finishing, electrics, and paintwork. WJ Projects B.V. is the one-stop shop for underpinning work in the Randstad, and we can also carry out the remaining jobs.

Quality is the essence of our work

WJ Projects B.V. performs high-quality underpinning work, basement construction, and finishing. We have also gained a name in the sector thanks to our clear communication style – an indispensable element in projects that bring together various parties.

Please contact us if you would like more information on underpinning or basement construction.

Stylish property deserves high-quality building

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