Division’ is when a property is split up, with each section gaining ‘apartment rights’.

This is a very attractive option if you are looking to rent a property and sell parts of it. However, this can also be a painstaking process – one that calls for both structural precision and flawless communication with various parties.

The experienced team at WJ Projects B.V. is here to help simplify the process of dividing your property, ensuring that all matters are taken care of thoroughly. We provide a full-spectrum service: from applying for permits, communicating with all parties involved, to delivering the finished property.

Property division permit

If you are looking to divide a pre-1940 property in Amsterdam, you will need a ‘property division permit’. These properties must also comply with the provisions in the Dutch Building Decree (Bouwbesluit). Gas and electrical installations, plus the foundations of the building, need to be assessed to make sure they do not pose a health risk and are safe and suitable. Only buildings that meet all these requirements are suitable for division.

Our approach to property division

We first carry out a survey of the property, during which we assess the state of the building and decide whether structural or maintenance interventions are required. Once we have a clear picture of what needs to be done, we produce an action plan.

Excellent communication is our hallmark

WJ Projects B.V. is known for how it effectively communicates with all parties involved. Of course, we also follow the code of conduct on property division (‘Gedragscode splitsen’) as drawn up by the Dutch property sector. However, aside from the legalities, we are very aware of the human aspect: we understand how a property division affects each party involved. By saying what we do and doing what we say, everyone involved in the process knows which jobs are going to be carried out when.

If you are considering dividing your property, please contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation assessment of the building.

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