Do I need planning permission or a building permit? What about a demolition permit? Will the traffic situation change temporarily? These are just a few of the questions you may ask yourself once you embark on a building project. As a rule of thumb, most projects will require some sort of permit.

WJ Projects B.V. often applies for permits for its clients. Being part of our day-to-day work, we are familiar with all the requirements of a permit application and can usually speed up the processing time. Of course, there are other factors that help us do this:

  • We already have contacts at the municipality, which keeps the lines of communication short.
  • We have specialist knowledge of construction engineering.
  • We speak the same language and communicate with civil-engineering advisers at the municipality.
  • We submit an extremely detailed and clear application.
If you would like to know how we could help you with your project, please contact us for more information.
Processing time for permits

The processing time for permits depends on the nature of your project. If your project requires a demolition permit and asbestos survey, or if you need a property division permit, it is difficult to estimate exactly when you will be granted your permit. When in doubt, please contact us! Our experience with and knowledge of the main features of your project mean we can give you an indication of the processing time.

Permits for large-scale projects

As a project manager, we would be glad to help you apply for a permit. Most of our clients’ building projects involve a permit application in some way or another. Please refer to our portfolio for some examples of these projects. We supported these clients by applying for the necessary permits and implementing the building process. We also have ample experience in dividing properties, adding extra storeys, or performing underpinning work.

Knowledge of permits

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